🇷🇴Romania-Gradinita nr 1 pantelimon🇷🇴

Kindergarten no.1 Pantelimon is a preschool educational establishment located in a suburb of Bucharest, a place where almost half of the families are impoverished and underprivileged due to having only one working family member. Our kindergarten offers educational support for 544 children, guided by 32 teachers. 45% of the kids are either growing up in devoid of material possibilities families (most of them being single-parent families), belong to ethnic minorities, or have special needs. These families have a very low income, little or no education, being stuck living a precarious life, both socially and economically. Our kindergarten follows the European educational curriculum, the teachers taking care of delivering an educational experience in the best conditions, and also giving all the kids the chances to learn new things every day.

All the educators aim to reduce absenteism and to raise the frequency rate of kids coming to kindergarten. This thing is only possible due to the proven experience that has been acquired in many years of activity and to the very good communication with the kids´ families and with the community. Our philosophy is about not discriminating the kids or their families and giving equal opportunities to every one of them, about social inclusion. The possibility of this partnership opens up plenty of new perspectives on learning about cultures, freedom, tolerance, diversity, working with others by using the internet and ICT, web tools 2.0, smartphones, tablets etc. By our daily activity, support, collaboration, sharing, is a big chance for our institution to take even more responsibility on our kids´ future.

Taking into consideration that every child is unique and has its own development pace, our institution wants to give a sense of their value to each and every one of them, by improving their confidence level, expression and ability to socialize with their colleagues and the personnel, always promoting diversity.

The kids have a very high interest for studying foreign languages, learning how to use the computer, exploring the environment they live in, arts, communication, sports, and society. Our preschoolers have gained over the time spent in our kindergarten knowledge and many skills according to their age and they have very good results in competitions. Our missions as teachers is motivating kids to come to kindergarten by offering the best environment we can and by never giving them a sense of discrimination. Our children are the motivation behind wanting to participate in this project.

We wish to support them by combating early dropout caused by any form of discrimination. A big problem we have faced over the years is dropout. By analyzing current and one year ago statistics, we found that the early dropout rate lowered: in the past year, 4% of kids were prone to drop out, in contrast with the 3% of kids with a high change of dropping out in the current schoolyear.

 We believe this partnership will have a positive impact on social integration of the kids, will reduce dropout rates or even make them history, so that all children have equal rights to education and equal chances in life, by nondiscriminating and social inclusion. The staff are looking forward and willing to learn new pedagogy, specially on digital learning. By this project, our teachers are going to learn approaches to enable them to significantly improve their practice. Shifting to digital will boost our pupils motivation in learning.

Our kindergarten implements numerous local, regional and national project. We are organisers of a yearly creativity regional project registered on CAER, and we implement this project successfully. The local community (parents, grandparents, the Mayor, NGOs, etc.) are actively involved in kindergarten’s life. We have their full support. Key people: Mrs. RAMONA MIHAI (coordinator), Mrs. BARBU GEORGETA (alternatative coordinator), and Mrs. MARIANA LISCAN (Headmistress).         

All of them have at least B2 English level, and good ICT skills. Mrs. RAMONA MIHAI ( the contact person and coordinator)- has proven a good knowledge of management processes, and quality communication.With the development of specialized documents, and demonstrating good skills in managing project scoping and project activities. .

Skills & abilities: leadership, management, efficient communication, technical literacy, problem-solving, team-work, diversity sensibility, planning, organising, flexibility and adaptability Language: C1 level in English. If the coordinator cannot attend certain meetings, the alternate coordinator will replace her.

Kindergarten’s Headmistress, Mrs. M. Liscan, was for many years General Inspector of the School Inspectorate of Ilfov County. She has proven outstanding management skills, with an innovative and visionary approach in education. Her passion for implementing strategies to improve practice, as to raise attainment in key competencies, resulted in a significant decrease of the number of children in danger to drop-out school. She has participated in numerous European courses  MIA, MVP, MONITORING THE YOUTH FOR BETTER EMPLOIMENT, PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION.

Our teachers implemented a few 2.0 classes. At least six more teachers will be involved for the first time in a European. We participated in writing a project proposal, as partners, in the previous CALL for KA229.



The Aristotelio private school ARISTOTELIO is a secondary private school that includes Junior High School and High School, with ages ranging from 12-19. We are in the North of Greece, near the borders with Bulgaria. Serres is also about an hour from the second-largest and economically and culturally important town in Greece, Thessaloniki. The school has about 200 students and 30 teachers. Our students come from all social classes and from the whole surrounding area.

The school curriculum follows the standards regulated by the Ministry of Education and the European Educational Syllabus, however, it also includes a lot of extra activities that focus on sport, art, languages and new technologies. The school has a music studio, theatre club, film studio, robotics lab, volleyball, football, basketball and handball teams, modern art, history of art and dance classes. We emphasize on the use of foreign languages and we certify English, French and German after exams according to the European Frame for languages.

We also include the use of modern technology in the teaching process and our students obtain ICT certification according to EU regulations. Our teaching methods include as well teamwork and initiative, as they are student-centered. We also aim to promote social and ecological awareness as we prepare the future active students of the world. As well we have been members of the eTwinning platform for more than 10 years and we have actively participated. Moreover, as part of the chain of UNESCO schools, we participate in different initiatives and we take part in environmental awareness actions.

As well the school constantly takes part in different cultural exchanges that promote diversity and tolerance and awareness of the fact that we build our future and we are responsible through our actions for the future of our home, the Earth. I would like to emphasize that our school uses technology as part of the teaching approach and we d not use books as all the students work with tablets and are connected through OneNote platform to the teachers. We have quite an experience in the use of technology and the Internet in the teaching process together with all the dangers it may involve and safety precautions.

After 10 years of active involvement in European projects we have the expertise and the knowledge to run , monitor and disseminate Erasmus projects. The teachers involved in the project teach different subjects and as well are fluent in English so they will combine their expertise in the subject they teach with the use of a foreign language. They all have participated in other European projects and have experience in the field. . Our students are well familiar with state of the art technology and use it in their projects not only for Erasmus but also when working on projects for the school. In our school we have specific clubs for our students with subjects such as arts, sports and robotics. Robotics club is one of the most popular in our school. We use Lego EV3 and Arduino and we try and create interdisciplinary projects that combine subjects and problems form different study fields such as physics, maths and chemistry. Our 3 ICT teachers have taken courses in robotics and this project would be a great opportunity for them and also for our school. They can share knowledge with partners from other countries, exchange good practices, teaching methods and examples.


🇹🇷TURKEY-Kerimbey Orta Okulu🇹🇷

Our school is a primary school located in the organized industrial zone of Tekkeköy central district, which is 12 km away from Samsun city center. The location of our school is not a healthy living space in the sense that it is an industrial zone. The residents of the area are mostly Romanian families working in paper collectors, collecting iron waste spilled from the ironworks, or daily work in industry.

Therefore, more than 50% of the student profile of our school consists of students who live in such disadvantaged environments and are far below the socio-culturally and economically social level. The sense of school belonging to these students is very weak. 199 students in total including kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and 2 Special Education classes in our school; There are a total of 20 teachers, 3 of whom are administrators, 1 paid and 3 assignments. 83 students are included in bussed education. In our school, there are a total of 14 students with Integrated Education Report (BEP).

These students have special learning difficulties and receive education in accordance with the BEP plans prepared by our teachers. However, in some of our classes, 30% of the class size consists of these students. This situation creates various problems for both our teachers, parents and students. In addition, Education Measure in our school (involved in crime and having a court decision) We have 12 students. This clearly reveals how the children live in difficult conditions in the region where our school is located.

We have limited opportunities for our students to participate in various activities, such as social clubs, music workshop that is currently under construction, and boys and girls football teams. In terms of sportive activities, we have successes such as boys and girls being the first football team in the district and KickBocks in the province. In addition to these, e-twinning, Comenius, ErasmusKA229, Erasmus KA101 projects have also been implemented in our school and set an example for other schools in the district.

The contact person of our project is the vice principal of our school whose branch is English. He is an experienced educator who has written and conducted many European Union projects since 2009. If this person leaves her job, this task will be transferred to our school’s English teacher who has an enthusiastic, ambitious and innovative mindset. Our teachers and administrators, who will play a key role in this project, will use the project management skills they have acquired in previous projects. These individuals possess excellent organizational skills, project management skills and dissemination skills gained through various EU-funded projects.

We are a school that has worked on several national and internatioanl projects so far. Our staff is experienced in implementing projects. Our headmaster and contact person has worked on many projects as coordinators . Our staff will not have any difficulty in managing this project activities as they all have ecperience in Comenius and Erasmus projects. They are eager to work with different people and learn new methods , tecahniques and to know different cultures better.

This project is about digital education. We have had seminars or training with distance learning so far but we have never used online teaing programs to give lessons to our students. With Covid 19 ,as a country we immediately started to use our national education programme called EBA ( Education and Technology Network) to have online lessons. Unfortunately we have had numerous problems in the beginnig and those problems have not ended yet. Our teachers were not ecperienced in online teaching. they were incapable of ICT skills.



Our school started education in February in 2006-2007 academic year. It has got a two floored building and it is 5000 square meter. In our school there are rooms; one for principal, one for co-principal and one for the guide service. There are also 6 classrooms, 1 guide room, 1 dining rooms, 1 kitchens, 4 toilets for children and 2 toilets for adults. The 3000 square meter garden of our school has been arranged suitable for the kids’ creativeness.    In the garden, there is a play park and a sand pool suitable for the kids’ social developments and creativeness. Flowers and several plants are grown in our garden according to different seasons and weather conditions.     

There is a hospital, a police station and a big shopping mall near our school. Public transportation to and from every part of the city is very easy with the choices of bus, and tramway. We are a kindergarten with 12 classes, providing education to 200 students aged 3-6. Our school offers part-time education. We have 6 morning and 6 afternoon classes. In our school, there are 12 pre-school teachers, 1 guidance teacher, 2 administrators and 6 support staff.

Our students come from families with middle and lower socio-economic profiles. we are working to increase the quality of our preschool education service. 2. The motivation for kindergartens to join this partnership is to have the opportunity of establishing cooperation with european schools, learning new educational and working methods and implementing an international project. 3. Elfesiya Kalay will be the key person to run the project in our kindergarten, while Yasemin Işıtan will be the substitute person. Other teachers will also be responsible for the activities of Project and will always be in contact with the key person.   Dürdane Nezhet and Funda Yılmaz are the etwinning and social media coordinators of this project.

Our staff is motivated to run new projects and increase their knowledge of new educational methods . We have had several local projects and we will share our experience for the implementation of the Project. We will also share the files, forms, questionnaries and different teaching techniques we use with our partners.

Our organization is a pre-school and works with children aged 3-6. We use web2.0 tools extensively in pre-school education processes. We are working to raise awareness of children and families about cyberbullying and safe internet. All of our students are alpha generation and they are very actively involved in digital processes. We strive to constantly update our own information in accordance with the student profile we have. For this purpose, we try to take part in national and international projects.

Currently, we are working to increase the quality of education, especially during the pandemic process, through etwining projects. In order to increase the motivation of our students in distance and formal education, we feel the need for digital tools, instead of traditional methods.

The subject of this project, motivation, web2 tools, games in the digital education process, cyberbullying and alpha generation constitute a part of our daily activities. Having different application experiences on this subject will increase the quality of our activities. Key personnel of our project is Elfesiya KALAY, who is our school’s guidance teacher. In terms of his branch, he works on cyberbullying and alpha generation in his school. He ensures the implementation of activities to increase motivation. He conducts studies through drama activities and raises awareness about cyberbullying in this context. There are R&D studies on digital parenting and in this sense, our project is related to these activities. He has experience as coordinator, consultant and educator in Etwining, erasmus + and many other European Union projects.


🇮🇹ITALY-Direzione didattica statale 5°circolo Livio Tempesta🇮🇹

Lecce has got about 100,000 inhabitants and it is very close to the sea, it is why there are people from different countries. DIREZIONE DIDATTICA STATALE 5° CIRCOLO “LIVIO TEMPESTA” is a school made of kindergarten and Primary School. Our school is very big and it has got two buildings surrounded by big gardens where children can go for the break or to do activities in contact with Nature. In the school are 654 students from 3 to 10 years old and 77 teachers.       

Starting with September 2020, we are partners in a Erasmus+ KA229 project ”Storytellers across Europe”. Due to Covid19 situation, we had to deal with an unusual situation. This spring, our classes moved online. Pupils, teachers, and parents faced this stressful situation. We used Google Classroom and GSuite. We all realized that we need help for this year and the next ones in order to do better in blended learning. Reading the news posted by Erasmus+, we decided to join a partnership focused on digitalization. We’d like to realize this project with pupils and among teachers to exchange activities and to promote the Erasmus activities.

All teachers are highly motivated to join this Project, as it reflects a need of our school: social inclusion of all pupils, and digitalization.. All pupils, staff and local community are looking forward on participating in this European partnership, being aware of its benefit. It will have a great impact on our school atmosphere, on the wellbeing of our students. On our teachers skills. By this Project, we will be able to offer to our pupils better classes in order to achieve their maximum potential, as human beings and as knowledge.

One of our school goal is the English language implementation, new practices in technology and the importance for us to teach children that different cultures help us to grow in a better world, where diversity means welfare. That’s why we’d like to join Erasmus program. The key people in charge of running the project in our school are: Mrs. Daniela Laudisa, coordinator, with experience in managing activities involving pupils from disadvantaged areas facing economic and social difficulties, and immigrants. She proved during the years good management skills, good communication skills in varied social and cultural context, adaptability, and emotional intelligence. If she leaves her post, the alternative coordinator will take her responsibilities. Another key person will be school’s Headmaster, Mr. Tonino Bacca, with good organizational and ICT skills, and interpersonal intelligence. The other teachers have an innovative aDuring the lock down for Covid emergency our children used computers everyday and they wrote digital books. They played on Powtoon and digital applications.

 Our school works succesfully on eTwinning platform, implementing the project ”TREASURES – sToRytEllers AcroSs Europe” (associated to the Erasmus+ KA229 partnership STORYTELLERS ACROSS EUROPE). This October 3 teachers participated in an online event ”ETWINNING PUGLIA” (General presentation of eTwinning – Presentation of the European and national eTwinning portal). Our team is very dedicated to the dissemination of the Erasmus+ program and etwinning project experiences. Our school managed by the Mr. T. Bacca has the full support of our local community.

 By now we successfully collaborated with our regional TV LECCE SETTE and promoted twice Erasmus+ program and the project KA229 we are currently involved in. The local and regional media/news companies (LECCE PRIMA , LECCE SETTE assure the visibility of our European projects,(Erasmus+, and eTwinning).pproach of teaching, and open minded.


🇨🇿CZECH REPUBLIC-Střední odborná škola ochrany osob a majetku s.r.🇨🇿

We are a secondary vocational school that offers vocational subjects that are not taught so often. The school has branches in three towns – Karviná, Ostrava, Zlín and offers its students many after-school activities connected with the branch of their study. There are about 290 students and about 50 teachers in the three branches.

The headquarters is in the small town of Karviná in the North-East of the Czech Republic. The headmistress Slavka Krystová Florková is the headmistress for the all branches. The students from Zlín will participate in this project. Zlín is one of the regional cities in the Czech Republic and is well known for its history and specific architecture. Students in our school start studying at the age of 15 and their education lasts 4 years. There are about 30 students in a class and the number of girls and boys is roughly the same.

In the framework of our educational program, the school offers students a very specific scope of security and legal activities. It includes important subjects such as law, criminology, special physical training, economics. After the graduate gets a complete secondary education, they can continue their education in the sphere of the security forces of our state, such as the army, the police, the prison etc. Due to the physical load during the study, it is necessary for the students to take care of themselves mentally and especially carefully to observe the principles of healthy nutrition and self-hygiene. After graduation they start occupations which demand physical and mental power. So, during their studies students are encouraged to do regular sports and to have regular meals.

All this is needed for the healthy life style. Our motivation is to help the students and teachers to develop their communication, language, IT, social and creative skills which will be used in their future life, both personal and professional.

The project will also support and develop organizational skills of the key persons as well as other teachers and students. The project work will lead to students’ better school attendance and involvement in such kind of cooperative work. In our project team, Mrs. Slavka Krystová Florková (headmistress) and Miss Alexandra Florková (teacher of economic subjects and educational consultant) have already participated in Erasmus+ projects so they will share their experience with the other teachers. They have economic education so they will be responsible for all financial matters in the project and Alexandra Florková will be the coordinator of the project, too.

The project team (headmistress, the coordinator of the project and other teachers) have organizational, language, ICT skills and the project would be a great opportunity for them to extend these skills as well to contribute to the project sharing their skills and knowledge with other partners.

We are going to disseminate the project results in several ways – through a project and school websites, facebook, newsletters, various promotional materials, leaflets, posters, meetings with other teachers, young people, partners, town representatives etc. We are going to promote not only the project itself but also the Erasmus+ programme in public to show other people opportunities of such an international coopOur institution has a good experience in implementing Erasmus+ partnership.

We offer vocational subjects, a very specific scope of security and legal activities. We implemented successfully activities related to Cyber Bullying and Hazards on internet. The teachers representing the management team of this proposal are well trained in this area, they delivered workshops to their peers on innovative approaches of the online learning and qualitative digital lesson content.

The key people involved in this projects are: Mrs. Slavka Krystová Florková (headmistress), Miss Alexandra Florková (teacher of economic subjects and educational consultant), and the alternative coordinator. They have already participated in Erasmus+ projects so they will share their experience with the other teachers. They have economic education so they will be responsible for all financial matters in the project and Alexandra Florková will be the coordinator of the project, too.

The project team (headmistress, the coordinator of the project , the alternative coordinator, and other teachers) have organizational, language, ICT skills and the project would be a great opportunity for them to extend these skills as well to contribute to the project sharing their skills and knowledge with other partners. Our expertise covers a good project management. We also have experience on implementing eTwinning projectseration.