3-9 OCTOBER 2021


The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we live. Across Europe, all areas have been affected, from work to leisure and travel. The education sector has not been spared the consequences either. For months during the lockdown, schools, colleges and universities closed their doors, and online courses became the new normal.      

But education doesn’t stop at the school gate, and educators everywhere have done everything in their power to ensure that students don’t fall behind.

Education, as we know it, will never be the same again. We need to train teachers to enable them to use distance learning technology so that we can provide a better, safer, more accessible and more attractive education for education recipients.”

In order to support us, the teachers, the partners from Greece, with whom we are carrying out our soul project, Seize the digital time, organized the WEB2TOOLS LTT, an event that took place at the Aristotelio school, in Serres, Greece, between 3-9 October 2021.

In this mobility was attended by representatives of all the countries participating in the project (Romania,  Italy, Turkey, Czech Republic ).

It was a unique experience for all partners and an opportunity to see new ways of teaching using digital technology.