About Us


The aim of our project is to strengthen the motivation of education staff at schools, students and parents. To increase the quality of distance teaching and learning environment. There are 6 countries; Romania, the coordinator, Turkey ( 2 schools from different cities, one kindergarten and a secondary school), Italy, Greece and Czech Rep. As it is known, we have been facing the difficulties of Covid19 Pandemic for a while as a whole world. Ministries of Education all around the world try to struggle with the problems resulted from sudden change. In a total of 191 countries, education of 1.6 billion students, approximately 90% of the total pre-school to high school education level, has been disrupted (UNESCO, 2020a).

In line with the principle that education is a fundamental human right (UN, 1984), in order to compensate for the education interrupted by the pandemic, emergency remote education practices have started all over the world by showing rapid reflexes by many educational institutions. Covid 19 pandemic revealed that we were unprepared in the first wave and there were many areas open to improvement. In the interviews with our partners, it was concluded that this process could not be overcome in a healthy way, that most of the students are still uninterested in distance education, and half of our learners have both a negative perspective on distance education and a lack of professional competence. In addition to these, it was stated by our partners that the awareness level of the majority of the parents about the digital education process is very low, and the ratio of parents that can support their students in this process is at most %25 in each partner school.

 In this context, ongoing and permanent solutions should be produced within the framework of lifelong learning in distance education The main objective of the project is to increase the motivation for distance education of students, teachers and school staff competences through European and national training, seminars, workshops and e twinning projects ( on distance education, Web2.0 Tools, cyber bullying, New generations, innovative and qualitative digital materials, and online lessons).

We will create a booklet with an ISBN number including lesson plans and activities prepared for online learning. We will have a workshop on innovative and qualitative digital materials. That will enable teachers to reach better materials more easily. We will organize parents’ seminars in each partner school to inform them about distance education system and their role in this system. Students will have 6 zoom lessons including all the partner countries’ students and they will have the opportunity to try the activities and lesson materials prepared by our teachers during project activities. Teachers, students, and parents will be more competent and aware of the distance education and digitalisation.

 There are 2 LTT for teachers (about Web2.0 tools, how to prepare lesson materials for online lessons, cyber bullying, games to be used in online lessons and new generations, Z and Alpha). The teachers will be given Europass Mobility Certificate. There will be 4 TPM, where we will discuss about the plans, drafts and final versions of final products as well as exchange the experiences and idea for the project activities.

There will also be 6 student zoom lessons and they will also create a digital chorus by meeting on zoom. At schools we will organize parent seminars , a workshop and E+ Fairs. We will implement project’s activities, the gained knowledge, monitor it, evaluate and diseminate the projects results.

The main results will be: A booklet including lesson plans with an ISBN no, digital chorus uploaded on canal youtube, googlesite including Lessons prepared with WEB2.0 tool, a report of workshop about innovative and qualitative digital materials, PPP about games to be used in online lessons, 2 training materials, project’s website, and TwinSpace. All our tangible results will be OERs.

After the project, teachers from 6 partner schools will be more competent about digital education, cyber bullying and new generations, linguistic, ICT, international entrepreneurship, innovative thinking and writing European projects. Students will gain new competences in areas of digital education and their motivation and attitude will change positively. They will also become more confident, open minded and responsible for the future life. Parents will be aware of their roles during digital education.

The project will have an impact on teachers, students and parents( they will be more open to innovations, new changes , eager to work in the international groups), parents, local educational government, local schools, regional, national European Institutions which will be informed about our project activities and results. All project activities will go on after EU funding ends.